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Enders game essay

Ender is not your everyday fighter. In Mender’s Game written by Arson Scott Card, Ender is the main character. At age six, Ender is confronted with a pack of students led by the bully Stilton’s; Ender knows what he has to do. At age six he beats Stilton’s to death,...

Ender’s game essay

“Most armies practiced mass maneuvers, preformed strategies. Ender had none. Instead he trained his ton leaders to use their small units effectively in achieving limited goals. Unsupported, alone, on their own initiative. He staged mock wars after the first week, savage affairs in the practice room that left everybody exhausted....

Enders game essays

When you fight an enemy, you can’t just win the fight. You have to knock them so far back that they won’t fight anymore. You have to win the battles to come before they happen. ” A good quote from the character Ender Wigging. I read the book Enders Game...


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